Vertical Scrolling loads limited number of datas


I’m trying to create a “fullpage UI with snap control” looks like this.

Since I could not make it work with any plugin including the one above mentioned, I started to use CSS “snap to scroll” function.

Issue is that I can not load complete datas with Vertical Scroll. (According to Chrome inspector, it has something to do with If you use Ext, Vertical Scroll or Full list with the Repeating Group, CSS “snap to scroll” does not work properly.

This is my try. As you can see, only the first two datas are loaded. But the Snapping works well(except Safari… , This is another headache though…)

Somebody knows what’s going on behind the scene??


Just a quick update about the scrolling issue.

I could scroll and read all the datas(10 records) if I set the element height less than 100vh.

This one is set 60vh and works with no problem.

I know you can avoid the data loading issue by setting the RG type to “Full list” or “Ext, Vertical Scroll”. BUT it stops the CSS snap-to-scroll function.

Maybe i should make a bug report ??

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