Very Advanced Google Maps Question

I currently am able to connect the google api to see certain data for a few homes in an area, with pins that google automatically drops based on addresses i have input into my app. I did this by actually going to google maps website and creating a “custom map” which is not hard to do.

I have 2 problems:

Problem (1): How do i get small images to appear on the map that i can click and type notes into? I have posted an example of an app that already has this below which i am trying to accomplish if anyone can offer advice please help.

Problem (2) - In order to get data for the homes, i have downloaded massive csv files for various city “parcel” and “property data” which based on the city can range anywhere between 50,000 -1,000,000 lines of csv data with approximately 10 fields of meta-data each on average. (i.e - Property owners name, Property owners address, city, state, zip, phone, purchase price, pool, and equity in the home) What do i need to do in order to host this much data?

*Google sheets crashes when i tried to upload it. I only need the data to populate in the app whenever a user hovers over a certain area, and let’s say i need to host about 5 million lines of data for starters. Any suggestions?

I’d recommend learning Firebase/firestore. They are intended for data of this volume and will complete queries in under 1 second of pretty much any size

Okay i will start researching! appreciate the advice.

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