Very amateur looking for help to create an app

hi guys, i’m very very new on app development and stil trying to figure out whats going on around. I’m trying to learn how do things work but yet just looking around like a fuckin moron. ( that terms, API s, backends etc.etc.) means nothing to me yet :smiley:

anyway, i have an app idea but have no idea how do i create it. i’ll show the app idea that i want with my super blueprint drawings :smiley:

so , in a nutshell this is the app that i want to make roughly. is it possible?
thanks .

Welcome to Bubble and yes, this is very possible. If you spend some time experimenting with Bubble and going through the tutorials, you’ll have this app up and running in no time.

If you intent is to only make this a native app, you will need to be a more advanced Bubbler or you may want to check out and experiment DropSource instead.

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thanks, ill check it now

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