Very High Memory On Bubble Chrome Tab

Hello -

Is anybody else experiencing very high Chrome tab memory usage on the Bubble editor? My Bubble editor Chrome tab ranges form 1 - 4 GB of memory usage which is 10-20x higher than any other tab including complex softwares/webapps.

This high memory usage results in the Editor running very slowly, sometimes there are 10+ second delays when switching between Editor tabs (design < workflows etc). When I refresh the Editor, the memory drops down to 1 GB, but never below. After using for a few minuets, it jumps back to 3-4 GB…

Anybody have any ideas/suggestions? Would be very much appreciated.


Check some useful tips here:

Thanks for sharing!
Disabling the error reporter should directly has an effect for you IMO @Bennn

Clear the browser cache and cookies because sometime they can cause performance issue.