Very poor performance

When I navigate to a new page and send data, it can take anywhere between 1-20 seconds to load. Is there anything I can do to speed up? The workflow isn’t complex, it’s one action. I don’t really know why it’s going so slowly but it’s a huge issue affecting users.

You can see for yourself here.
Click any trade and you’ll see it takes a very long time for it to load.

It took almost 2 minutes for me to load the page on mobile.

So, pretty much my point exactly. Is this just a bubble issue?

Instead of sending the data directly, try to send the id in the url and retrieve the data from it - might be interesting if this is faster.

Attempt one: 7 seconds
Attempt two: 7 seconds
Attempt three: 9 seconds
I’m in Antibes, France.

I guess it really depends on exactly what you’re doing. Personally I would use the Sudsy Page URL plugin and just use states on the page. Thay way you don’t even have to reload the page - you can simply set a state based on the current URL.

I don’t want to reveal my URL, but here’s a quick clip of a sample job list. Clicking on a job uses the Sudsy plugin to change the URL to the users username. In essence going from /jobs > /jobs/my-job-

Sudsy sees that changed URL, which triggers a set state. The state changes group shown and data displayed.

It does all of this super fast, plus it’s great for SEO as each job has a good URL etc…


This loaded instantly for me, but I’m on a really fast internet connection.

Its at about 7-8 seconds for me on a 100mb down line when clicking into a trade, refresh and hard refresh avg at same time…

2.19 seconds for me

Is there a guide on how to do that?

Are you the boss around here? As a paying customer, is there any kinda support I can reach out to about the performance?

I think it is something of today.
I got multiple complaint from my customers today about performance. Many searches etc are extremely slow today.
Hope someone of Bubble can explain this extreme low performance. If it is a continuing performance problem we have a real problem.
Otherwise let’s forget it quick…

Ha, no not the boss. For support requests, shoot a note to

It loads within 5 seconds for me. I’m really not seeing an issue?
Check your logs to see if you are maxing out your capacity.

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So both the groups are on the same page and you use Sudsy to change the visibility of Group? But then how do you transfer data? And you mentioned

Sudsy sees that changed URL, which triggers a set state.

How does the URL change when we’re only creating one page?

@sudsy can probably give a better explanation. You simply use either an external URL on page, or a workflow using the “go to URL via sudsy page”. Either way, the plugin detects the URL change, the page doesn’t reload and you fire a workflow based on that (“when sudsy URL changes, do this thing…)”. In my case the fired workflow changes states. Highly effective.

I pretty much use only three pages in my app, but have several thousand url’s.

Plugin page: [UPDATED v2.2.0] 😃 Sudsy Page router for SEO-friendly clean URLs! (by Tech-Tonic)


Do you know where I can find the logs?

Loaded in less than a second from my wireless

Lol. @andrewgassen…Please change your name to The Boss

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Thanks for the mention, @mattb! Sounds like you “splainified” pretty well to me. :wink: For anyone with any questions, feel free to post to the plug-in support forum.

And while @andrewgassen might not be THE Boss, when it comes to Bubble, he’s definitely “a boss”.



All joking aside, I think the question for the OP is, “Where the hell are you and what sort of network connection do you have?”

Because: Bubble apps on shared cluster are, of course, only served from that cluster (which is prolly on US east coast? Or maybe west coast?). While you can add Cloudflare to CDN serve your static shit, your users still have to connect to the real server. AND the OP’s site loaded instantly for me on my iPhone on AT&T’s “5GsmallE” here in San Francisco.

Aside: While you “don’t have to be a coder” to make stuff in Bubble, you DO need to understand how the web works to understand why it might be that your Bubble thing sucks and/or seems to suck.