Very simple atendance app


I new here and this Bubble looks very interesting but like all beginners I need help.

I need to create very simple attendance app.
I have couple users/admins who have own groups.
So I need page for login for that users/admins (I think I can get this from tutorials).
But where I get problem?

I can create new users/administrators manual in database, ok.
But I need people from their groups to check in/out, pause start/end on single page for each people without login (I think I don’t need users here, just page (separate URL for each attendants) to check in/out.

So when I open URL-A and click button CheckIn I need to store that date and time in database for person-A.
And If I open URL-D and click button CheckIn I need to store that date and time in database for person-D.
And etc.
That attendants don’t need to access that data, just administrator.

Each administrator need to have own group of people and also cant access to group of other administrator.
So I need some instruction how to organize structure of my app and all information will be fine.

Thank you and sorry for my bad English.

Hi welcome to the community. Hope you will find it useful for your project.

How people of a group will be in the database? Admin will enter them manually?

How will you build the url separately for each attendants if you don’t know who the attendants are?

How you will provide the URL’s to the visiotrs. I mean how they will find the URL’s?

Again, who will create this people? (Since people will not create user account). Even if Admin do it manually one time what about next time when there might be new people. Admin will need to create people/attendants manually each time?

Since I can see you have joined Bubble couple of hours ago, you will need to understand the basic concepts. Please watch these 2 introductory videos from Bubble very helpful and others as well.

So far, I understand till now, you have a plan to build attendance/booking system.

For example, there are multiple coaches provide courses or webinar, events etc. and people can attend the course or event of their chosen coach.

People can checkin/out, start/end the event/course etc. by visiting the app (you are building).

Coaches/teachers etc. (admin) can have the list of people of different status (checkeringin/out, started/end).

You will not need to create different URL’s for different people. There will be only one page to solve the issue. Coaches can have their list of people from there once people give their details during registration.

What if you want to send mail to each attendants once they checkin/out, you will need to have their user account in that case.

If you don’t want to create user account at all, then get minimum details or randomly generated number or something like this to get them added the in group.

Please let the forum know if you are still struggling with what you want to do. There super helpful and expert people in here would love to help for sure.

Take care.

Yes there multiple administrators (not exactly coaches but it is ok to call them like that).
I add administrators manual.
Yes people need to visit own url to checkin/out and pausein/out (but without login).
Yes administrator needs to have statuses of attendants.

Attendants visiting own url on PC when they come on place.
And that page have buttons to checkin/out and pausein/out.
But I don’t need login, maybe pin is fine.

I see that tutorial and some more.

Now I configure how to add users and how to give them User Role through Option Sets (but now jet in practical way tested). General that is solved.
But I cant configure how to insert date and time to user database “CheckIn” (date list)…
I create button, give some name (like checkIn), create text where is current date and time and create new event but then I don’t know how to add current date and time to specific user… I need this because I don’t want to people login to check, just on single page for each. I cant change things on that whey, I don’t know how. So there I’m currently stacked.
Maybe you have some different solution for this.

Thank you.

If you have a field in your database like “CheckIn” (field type Date) you can easily use current data time as checkin date. In your workflow when you create a new thing/data you can do so. (Assuming you already know how to create a thing).

If a people check in and you know the user for that checkin responsible you can do that.
Say, you have a database checkin/out and have different fields. You can have a field named “User” type “User”.
This way you can make the relationship between databases. In your workflow you will define the field for the user. User = CurrentUser (usually this is how I do this in Bubble).

I have little confusion now.

When I use “Run as—>” I can store date and time successful, I can see them in database like list if I clicked a couple times.
But when I try to preview app I don’t get any data to any user I created.
Now I’m confused what is happening?

And I’m worried does I can from one URL store date and time to specific user who is not logedin?

Thank you.

When I log in like USER_ONE,
does USER_ONE can change data to USER_TWO who is not logged in?

I am not clear about this though please check privacy rules.

And also if you are using any repeating group to present tha data make sure data source is not empty or it has element inside it to display the data.

You can share more details with screenshots of setups.

I am very much confused, what are you trying to achieve? Please share more details.

What do you mean by that? Share more details with screenshots.

If I want to create some really simple attendance app I need to skip login step.

I have one Admin and he can have couple attendants.
Admin needs to have data when someone checked in and out, and pause also needs to have data.
I configure how to store data for Current User, user who is logged in.

This is page when user get first (this is without UI/UX, also repeating group have same data and time because I don’t know hoe to store list properly…):

There is button to check in, when user clicked it I store data and time in database for Check in field. After that I show button for Check Out and Pause.

If user click on pause in i hide that button and show pause out button.
But if click check out I hide all buttons and store also data.

This is fine for user who is logged in, it working. But if I want to do this for attendants they all needs to login in with they own account… But that complicating workflow on place, does all know own passwords and other problems… Because that I want to have single page for each user. I can made one setup for each user, they can just open own page and click Check In without login to own account. But does that possible and if yes how to allow that? :smiley:

There is bunch of problems but this is crucial for next thing to do…

This is setup on workflow:

Maybe this don’t need to be hided, maybe to disallow clicking but now I know how only to hide…

Thank you.

Are admins name will be publicly available to choose from. I mean attendants will be able see who are they checkin for. I can’t see the admin’s list in the checkin page to select admin. I am confused about this.

Because you may have a dropdown or repeating group that display the admin name.
Depending on the selection you can create “thing” (checkin list) for that selected admin (Person A, Person B etc.)


No I don’t want attendants to choose Admin.

I Log In Admin_1 on device and I want when attendant_1 come and load own page_1 on that device he/she will see own Check/pause, own image, name and etc fields, because attendant_1 is in group for Admin_1. When attendant_2 come on page_2 he/she will get own data. Etc. And I don’t want that attendants to be logged in. They just need to click on fields to Check/in/out, Pause/In/Out. Just Admin needs to be logged in, or maybe he also don’t need to be logged in,I don’t know. Does this possible?

But if attendant_16 come to page_16 he/she wont get data because he/she not part of Admin_1 who is logged in on that device. That attendant is part of Admin_2 or Admin_3, etc. And of he/she come to proper device they will get proper data to check in.

Maybe attendants don’t need to be users?

I’m not sure how to organize basic for checking in/out.

Here is video explanation what I have done and what problem I need to solve. Maybe this is not good path, сo please tell me if I get it wrong.

Sorry for my bad English.

Great I will watch the video carefully to understand your problem again. I am not sure I can solve it. But I will try. Or I hope someone else comes up with a solution soon. As you are stuck on this for couple of days.

**I am also not a native English speaker and there are people around the world here. So don’t worry about that.

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