Very Slow workflow

very slow workflow

Will the selected server package affect the workflow speed?

In theory yes. In practice, I don’t think so. There are a lot of posts talking about the real processing difference between the plans, but it seems that no one has actually been able to prove that it gets faster on the better plans.

You can test it yourself, adding more processing units to your App 3 times a month. It’s free. Take a test to see if you feel any significant difference…

yes that’s right i have tried to use “boost” but this doesn’t help

Interfal workflow is really slow :roll_eyes:

There are any number of factors that can slow down your workflows. It also depends on your workflows.

Is it a specific workflow that is slow or slowing down your app?

Are u fetching more data than you need?

Maybe there’s a plugin that your using that’s slowing things down?

A good place to start is to identify points of slowdown and use the debugger’s step by step feature to try and see where the problem might come from.

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Is there another way you can set up those workflows? Do every x seconds is draining, and deleting items is timely (especially timely if the list is the result of a complicated search).

A reconfiguration could be your solution without having to upgrade your plan.

Like what @ihsanzainal84 said, there’s a lot of factors affecting the speed but If you’re trying to make UX better by decreasing the wait time for your users, I suggest you just do backend workflows instead

I only use the workflow interval for editing my database using 1 second but in fact I can get updated data for almost 1 minute

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