Upgrading server

I am currently on the personal plan and just me on the live app is incredibly slow.

Im planning on starting to add users in the next two weeks and fear they will stop using it immediately because of the performance. If I upgrade to the professional plan will it boost the speed of loading pages, workflows, etc?

There are many posts in the forum on server size and performance.

Key takeaway is if your site is slow because the server is too small then increasing the server will increase performance. Whereas, if your site is slow because you’ve written poorly performing database queries, then a bigger server won’t help.

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Sometimes even a simple login page takes up to 3 seconds or longer. Containg 3 Workflows. Create User > Make change to user > Send Email

@sridharan.s Is right here, need to look up why it is slow.

One thing you can do to speed up things like sign-up workflows is moving most workflows to the server side. Say you have “make changes” and “send email” after sign up. You can instantly schedule an API workflow to do those instead. This makes it so the user has a quicker sign-up.