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Video clip youtube timestamp


Thank you for your help.
I have a youtube video and i want to put smiley on the play bar with comment, to comment video at the exact timing.
That is why i want to synchronize a custom scroll bar with the video “play bar”.
My idea is to get the timestamp from the video at exactly the right moment when i press a button “comment”.
Then a new icon “Comment” appears below the video.

Do you have any idea how to get in real time the video’s timestamp?
Thank you
have a nice day

If there is a way to achieve this, it will most likely lie in this amazing plugin: [PLUGIN] - VideoJS Advanced + YouTube, Vimeo, Wistia, HLS, DASH, MUX, Pre-roll Ads (plus more) - #419 by pork1977gm

if the YT control bar in the player ““knows”” its current position, or timestamp, you just append time to the url for that YT selection

t=nnn(h|M|s) t=3h22m12s nnn typ defaults to seconds as below

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