Youtube with specific timestamp in the url

Hi I want to get youtube with a specific timestamp in the URL into my webpage developed on bubble I am only able to get this youtube URL without time stamp hello world - YouTube but I need this URL hello world - YouTube can you advice what is the API call or bubble change i need to make

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The only difference is the &t=7s at the end of the URL. Can you just add that manually at the end of the URL on your website? (t is their URL parameter for timestamp)

Thanks since I am doing this operation using an API youtube does not load with this extension &t=7s any suggestion

If you know the time already can you just add it manually after you get the API response? Otherwise how would YouTube know where you want the timestamp? Usually it’s just added when you are watching and manually share it.

The number 7 in the URL is just how many seconds into the video, and you can even do &t=1m1s (1 minute and 1 second) and it converts it to 61s in the URL.

@tylerboodman thanks for the suggestion the issue that i am grappling with is when i pause the youtube video can i use any of the youtube API to return me the timestamp of when i pause into buuble via API. I hope I have explained my problem