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Video element not responsive in new responsive engine

Hi! I’m playing around with the new responsive engine and I’m having some trouble with the video element’s responsiveness.

Here’s a link to the page I’m working on: Bubble | No-code apps

The video under heading 2 is way too short but for some reason it’s defaulting to that height.

Here’s what I have for the video element:

And it’s container:

Any help would be amazing :slight_smile: Please let me know if I should provide any more info.


Hi, you need to uncheck the “make this element fixed width” checkbox on the video element

Thanks for your response, @bubbablaise3 , I tried this but it doesn’t look like anything changed.

Here’s what it looks like in the editor (weird how the video element looks so tall here):

And here’s what it looks like again in the live app:

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I’m having similar issues with the video element. Why doesn’t it adjust its size proportionally like the image element?