Video Element - Won't play unlisted Vimeo video

I’m having trouble getting an Unlisted vimeo video to play in the Bubble video element. Per the 2016 linked thread below, I’ve tried every combination of the video ID I can think of, but none of them result in a playable video. I know the video SHOULD be playable, because it works in an html element…but for several reasons I’d like the bubble video element instead.

Here’s an editor link to show the issue.

Here’s what the player looks like when it doesn’t recognize the video ID:
Screen Shot 2023-04-05 at 1.42.06 PM

Old 2016 thread: Is there a way to use Private Links from Vimeo?

Can anyone help me? Thanks so much!

Got some help from Bubble support! The answer was:

  1. take the video ID e.g., “809624512/58c391f530”
  2. replace the “/” with “?h=”
  3. add “#” to the end

so it becomes “809624512?h=58c391f530#”.

–Here’s the explanation they provided, which is a bit over my head.–
It looks like to embed private videos, you will have to add a # to the end of the ID. For example, the Video ID will be 809624512?h=58c391f530#. This will work but will negate some of the automated settings we normally pass in like background color, etc.

The reason it works is that we just template this in the url for the video, but usually our url keeps going with other ? query parameters after the id - you can “cancel” this invalid second interrogation mark and query parameters with a hash instead.

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