Video onclick workflow

I’d like to start a workflow when a youtube video starts playing. How do I accomplish that?

I’ve attempted two things:

  1. edit workflow on the video element.
  2. add the video to a group and then attach a workflow to the group, but when I click the video, the group is not clicked simultaneously

Well, it looks like I’ve officially reached a new low with regard to how far I will go to get something to work. Admittedly and apologetically, the following “solution” is as hacky as it gets. Please don’t judge me. :slight_smile:

The above being said, I did get it to work, and here’s how…

First, you need to install the Video.js plugin because Bubble’s video element doesn’t include an action to play a video (you can probably see where this is going already).

Second, drop a video on a page using the Video.js element.

Third, put a shape with no background and no border directly over the top of the video player’s play button (which happens to be in the upper left-hand corner, so that’s where I put the shape), and make sure to bring the shape to the front so it is sitting on top of the video.

Fourth, add a workflow step to the shape so that when it is clicked (which the user will do because it is sitting on top of the player’s play button), the video starts playing.

Fifth, consider hiding the shape after it is clicked so it can’t accidentally be clicked again.

Sixth, add more workflow steps to do whatever you want to do after the video starts playing.

Seventh, profit!

Anyway, that’s what I’ve got, and I am sufficiently ashamed of myself. If this response helps you at all, great! If not, let’s pretend I was never here, okay? :slight_smile:



Thanks Mike. That was incredibly helpful!


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