Video Player from Zerocode does not update static images

Hi @levon,

could you please help me with the Video Player. I noticed that it does not update the static image if I change the video source.

These are screenshots of my app. You can see the static picture of the first video here (so far so good):

Now I move the slider and a new video (and the corresponding static picture) should show:

…but the picture stays the same:

It would be great if you could fix this for me /advise me how to fix it!

Thank you!

Hello there @nicola.kegel, can you please provide us with access to your app, adding to the collaborators of your app, our dev teams will check everything and I will be back to you of a matter ASAP.

Thank you,

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Hi Nik,

I added you. My app looks pretty weird on desktop, because it’s a mobile app. Also, some of the functionality is native, so you don’t see it in desktop.

To find the problem, please login first:

password: test

Then click on the menu icon (see screen shot below):

Click “Program” (see screen shot below):

Then you’ll end up on the page with the video player that does not refresh the static pictures:

Hello there @nicola.kegel, We have fixed this kind of issue in plugin, you have to Update the plugin and Refresh the page.
And everything will work fine for you.

Thank you for reaching out,

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Thank you Nik! It works perfectly!