Video Player Plugin Not displaying the static image

Hi ,

I need a small help. I have a video player plugin (Installed this from Bubble Plugin) & trying to change the video player image by uploading a static file. But it does not work and still I get the blank video player button.

I have attached a screen shot where i would like to upload the image to the video player and allow user to click on the video player.

Kindly help.


Hello, is this the player from Zeroqode? if so, can you please send us a screenshot of your plugin settings and also the link to the page where we can see this behavior.

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Founder @ Zeroqode & Bubblewits


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Hi ,

It starts working lately and don’t know how this got resolved.

The only thing i notice is the Image upload and download takes long time and it is bit slow.



I think the issue is as below.

A. Use a dynamic link from youtube
B. Upload a static image to video player to display ie., before you start youtube video

It seems it does not work as expected and youtube video’s are coming first and static
images are not getting displayed.


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