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Managing video popups

I’m trying to add a video popup that the user can close with tapping ‘x’.

I tried to follow the suggestions on the forum and:

  1. Add a group and reset the data but I can’t find a group content=“Video”
  2. Similar thing with popup but again i can’t find Type of Content=“Video”
    How to stop Youtube video with workflow?

I’m able to close the video with 1 but the sound still plays. Would love some guidance from others who did it.


Hello :wave:

Welcome to the Bubble community! When you send the data to the popup you can reference the videos data source from the popup. Then when closing out the popup with an X just reset the popup data and the video stops. If you need an example just let me know. :blush:

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Hope that helps!

Thanks. I wasn’t about to work with the Data source but I used conditions and it worked fine.

hello i have the same issue as you did, can you show me how you used conditions? thanks