Video upload and playback with Mux

I’m struggling with a simple video feature. I want users to upload videos on one page and view them in a repeating group on a different page (see below). Uploads are 100% from mobile devices so I need Mux (or similar) to ensure playback is platform agnostic.

So far I can’t make Bubble and Mux talk to each other. The API call fails. Basically, I need to send uploads to Mux and then call the file/url for playback. These are stored assets not live streams. I haven’t found a plugin that does what I need or seen any helpful documentation. Thoughts?

As background - 1) upload and playback of test files already works using Bubble’s S3 database, 2) a workflow properly associates videos and topics, 3) I have a paid Mux account and can generate tokens. Any assistance is appreciated! Thanks in advance!

Hey, I’m one of the Community Engineers at Mux, and I’d be happy to try to assist you. Can you give us more information on how the API call is failing?


I’d recommend taking a look at @pork1977gm’s wonderful VideoJS plugin, as well, as it integrates with MUX out of the box.

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Hi, Thanks for your offer. The short answer why the the API call is failing is likely because I’m straddling the edge of my circle of competence. Having said that, I’m getting help from @pork1977gm to see if his VideoJS Advanced plugin will support my use case. If not, I’ll supply some more info here. Thanks again!

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