Live streaming video/audio data

For anyone interested in Live streaming video from a web page, I’ve recently spent the last couple of weeks working on this and it’s now working, there’s a demo here!

It utilises a Node JS server to stream the video data directly to a MUX account.
There’s more of an explanation on how it works on the page. From my tests, it seems to be working on the majority of browsers including mobiles and utilises next to no capacity since the requests come from your browser and not your app.



Hello @pork1977gm

Any plugin name or link? or simply need a MUX account? Great demo btw. :partying_face:

Thanks John, it’s part of a plug-in I’ve been working in, it’s this.

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Hi @pork1977gm Paul,

I will assumed its work under iOS and Android. Any old devices or OS limit?
To only record audio, need to pay the same video rate? Great plugin.

Thanks John. It works with iPhones fine, I guess it will work with Android too but I’ve not tested on an Android device since I don’t have one unfortunately. As far as other supported OS’s go, from what I can see it works, Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Opera, Safari etc should all work.


Great, thanks for your help. Looks like I need to have a Mux data description to access the API which is annoying!

Yeh I noticed that one too! No probs though :slight_smile: