Video with HTML element

I am having trouble displaying a video on mobile. I use an HTML element with the code below to get the video in the database. It works perfectly on laptop but nothing is displayed on mobile. Does anyone know why?

remove everything except for the div, video, source elements.
Put the style part on the page header - you’ll find a place for this on the page’s properties box. You don’t need head, title and html tags here.
Then make sure your HTML Bubble element is not shrinking to zero hight or width.

That should make it work.

Thanks for your help.
the html code is placed in a reusable element? Do I have to put the style part in the page where the reusable element is located?
Can you give me a screen shot of where I should place the page’s properties box?

Here’s where the CSS styles can go on your page’s property box - under HTML headers.
Attaching an example with a page containing some styles.

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