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Resize HTML Element Possible?

I have a video that is fine and looks good until it gets to a smaller screen and I’m having trouble finding a solution.

Is there a way to conditionally (or otherwise) resize an HTML element that contains a Video background?

This is what is happening once the screen gets small. Is this calling from the original video file maybe?

You could use a smaller element and have it appear conditionally when user is on mobile.

Justin, can you copy your app and make it public? I’ll poke around and see what you have going on.

Here’s the page:

As you can see it skews everything and doesn’t re-adjust.

I wish there was a way to make an HTML element respond height-wize to Shrink when it gets shorter…


See an example that is functioning well:



There may be a way to scale it using the responsive engine but I think the way to go about it is to make your app 360, 480, or 540 px and scale it appropriately. I think your ideal user is going to be on mobile. Just my 2 cents.

looking at line air, you can use the responsive engine, but it’s kind of time consuming to use.

I’ll poke around the design interface and show you what I would do.

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I sent you an IM. There are too many variables for someone like to edit it to the results you want. Best of luck.

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