Video: Working with Booleans (yes/no values) in Bubble - Are YOU Cool with Boole?

I see a lot of confusion related to our good friend (and one of the most simple, but powerful datatypes) the “yes/no” data type. I made this video that covers many topics including the various UI elements for interacting with Booleans – including how to make custom checkboxes (it’s easier than you think) – and the Bubble way to negate (invert) a Boolean.

Find it here:

The thread that inspired me to do this is here. While I didn’t fully understand the original question, it turns out that it IS difficult to tie a DROPDOWN to a Boolean value. I show how that can be achieved (along with a lot of other good stuff):


One weirdness with this video: Due to the capture tool I used (built into windows), apparently the dropdown values in my Live mode don’t show up – I guess it sees them as NOT being part of the same window. Anyway, you get the idea!

(That’s kind of odd – could be that they were just visible for such a short time that they didn’t get captured, but it’s a weird side effect.)

BTW: Discussion of custom checkboxes (which I’ve demonstrated in another video previously, but this one is easier to follow) begins at the 20 minute mark, in case you don’t enjoy my chatty, real-time Bubbling!


@keith Thank you for taking the time to make a really fun video about a topic that could have been quite…less fun. It is amazing how many times you managed to squeeze in ‘Cool with Boole’ in half an hour :smiley:

What it got me: I now have my own design super duper big checkbox ( Hoorah!).
What it also gave me is I pay with a bit of performance. So just to check that I am not being completely nuts in my implementation:

  • With the old ugly default checkboxes I could use custom states, that seems to be not possible here. Consequence is that if I check multiple checkboxes fast, hickups are showing up. Oh well.
  • A bit more clunky: You used ‘Make a change to thing’. My user comes back every day to click those same checkboxes. Those checkboxes would be prefilled with the score of the last day. Thus I now build in ‘creating a new thing’ on page load to prevent that from happening.

So big plus, nice and shiny big checkboxes, small hit in performance for using the database for it.

Your custom checkboxes can control a yes/no custom state. Just set them up that way. Instead of having them fetch a database Boolean, just put a custom state on your checkbox group that gets toggled, eh?

Tip:just like in JavaScript, empty values are “falsey” — an empty Boolean evaluates to “no”. (So the default custom state value unless you change the CS’s initial value is “no”.)

You know what? Maybe I shouldn’t do this at 1 o’clock at night. Somehow my brain said: can’t add a field for custom state, so can’t be done. Silly. Thanks

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Great video @keith!!

How if I want to create a dropdown served as a filter in repeating group? I couldn’t get that to work because the drop down is a text. There’s a dynamic value yes/no but I am confused how to use that since it is asking for a choice source…

Basically, I want to filter yes / no / all - not sure how to do this.


:point_up: Cool with Boole video: #lockdownandlearnwithkeith