Connect data from different tables and use in Dropdown elements

My application has several tables Type of meals, Ration_photo, Airlines. I use data from tables Type of meals and Airlines in Ration_photo

I try to create Dropdown element “Type of meals” where should be show only data according to a specific “Airlines” choice (Dropdown element). In the contraints menu of dropdown element “Type of meals” I dont have a access to Dropdown element “Airlines”. Help please.

Hi @ih8smile

I may need to see your database structure to comment more on this. But have you tried using the :filtered method?

It’s really powerful and can help in almost all scenarios provided you data types are well linked and has a great structure.

We can get a on a call to help you unblock also.


Hi Foluso,
How can I share you database structure?
Thanks for idea :filtered method. I agree it can help me.
If you have some example how to use it I would be grateful.

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