How to cancel recurring events

I know I can cancel a schedule API workflow by saving the ID using the “result of step 5” value. I don’t see that option for recurring workflows. How do I save the recurring workflows ID? Is there a different way of canceling them?

Thats what I have but it isn’t canceling them. I have the recurring workflow make changes to a datatype everyday. The scheduled time is referencing the time the user saved in the database. When they change the time, i have the same Set/cancel recurring event action run but it doesn’t cancel the old one.

here is the answer :

Once you have defined your recurring event, you can use the ‘Set/cancel a recurring event’ action to schedule the recurring event. This action takes an event, a thing, a frequency and a start date. Note that the same action is used to cancel a recurring workflow, just pick ‘none’ for the frequency.

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