Possible to view recurring schedule in editor?

Is it possible to view a daily recurring workflow’s schedule in the editor? I.e. I’d like to show the user when the next recurring event is scheduled for


When you set a recurring schedule you choose when it starts and the frequency at which it repeats. That is the only way to really track and show a list for future “recurring” events. Maybe save yo the User a field called startDate (03/27/2023 14:00) and workflowFrequency (24) and if you save those two things you can show when the next one will occur. Now if you have “schedule api workflows” for in the future then after you run the workflow to “schedule api workflow” you can use “result of previous step” to get the id. That ID can only be used to terminate a future scheduled event. In order to show when it will run you would need to save that info as mentioned before. The reason I mention the ID is because I think it would be a good idea as you say to use that and list future events with their own built in attributes.

Thank you @williamtisdale. Getting the id would work, however, there are no attributes to get from the schedule api workflow step. Would be nice if Bubble would give you those attributes. Maybe they do, and I just don’t know how to get them. If I had the id of a scheduled event, is there any way to get it’s properties?