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Viewing "value" attached to "event name" in Mixpanel

I have set up Mixpanel and am successfully sending an event called “Sale”.

I have added another value to that event called “sale price” and assigned that value an input on my page. I am receiving the event “Sale” in mixpanel but am not seeing where I may be able to see that attached “sale price” value.

Does anyone happen to have any experience with this?

If you go to “live view” on mixpanel and click the event it drops down to show you any attached values.

Also as a side note for those that may use analytics. Make sure you do not have multiple plugins installed. From my experience it interferred which makes sense I guess.

I ended up just keeping segment and getting rid of google analytics and mixpanel. Then in my segment settings I configured to send to both GA and Mixpanel.