Server-side Mixpanel plugin?

Using the Mixpanel plugins (both by Bubble and by Copilot), it seems that many if not most tracking events get blocked by web browsers’ ad blockers and Do Not Track features, because the plugin runs client-side.

Mixpanel is also available server side which avoids this issue. But it appears that no one has built a Bubble plugin to take advantage of it.

So, now I’m using the Segment plugin, with its server-side workflow, to track events – and then Segment sends the data to Mixpanel to build dashboards. In other words, I’m using Segment as an intermediary to Mixpanel - this is the only thing I’m using Segment for. It works, but once I get 1k monthly users I’ll have to pay Segment $120 per month which is a bummer.

Would a server-side Mixpanel plugin be possible to build?



Bumping this up again – I really wish someone would build a Mixpanel plugin that does server side events

There are many builders like me who use pay Segment $120 per month ONLY because the Segment plugin has server-side actions and can thus funnel the Mixpanel traffic server-side – we otherwise don’t need Segment.

In other words, WE WOULD PAY $119 PER MONTH for such a plugin! Hopefully it would be cheaper than that :slight_smile:

Maybe someone could start with the @copilot plugin and expand it to have server-side capabilities

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Hey @greg18,

We take advantage of server-side actions for Mixpanel internally, though not in the plugin. If you’re looking to sidestep Segment as a part of your analytics flow, give us a shout at [email protected] and we’d be happy to take things from there! :slight_smile:

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Hey Greg - I don’t know about any specific plugins, but what I ended up doing was creating custom API calls in a workflow. It is pretty easy, you just need to create a new API call for each type of event you want to log, or you can try and create a generic event API call. As an FYI I also ended up not using Mixpanel but rather Amplitude.


Any reason you went with Mixpanel instead? I’m doing research right now and was going to go with Mixpanel so I’d love to know your reasoning.

Does anyone have a sense for what % of data is lost by using client side? I understand the issue, but trying to gauge severity - since client-side is so much easier to implement, it would have to be a pretty substantial data loss to justify the extra effort of moving it server side.

Any idea how to quantify that?

"42.7% of internet users worldwide report using an ad blocker. " - so it is pretty severe.
Source - Ad Blockers Usage and Demographic Statistics in 2022

This is basically what is meant by ‘server-to-server’, is it not?

Maybe I can make a server-to-server plugin for this, in that case. @greg18 are you saying you’d pay ~$100/month to use it?

@jacob.b.singer no I’m going to build my own API calls per @dgoldberg’s suggestion

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