Vimeo uploader request

Can we have the Vimeo uploader please?

Ziggeo is $249 a month for HD video.

With Vimeo, it seems the most we could possibly pay would be $349 PER YEAR.

Also, Vimeo is trusted by the artistic community, in a way that YouTube is not.


That’s something we’d do on a sponsored basis.

Great… How much would that be??

I don’t know, depends on the request. Reach out by email (though given the backlog it would be for June the earliest).

Hi lonetour, did this go anywhere?

No. In the end we decided just to let users upload to vimeo and then we serve the video from there. Not ideal, but Ziggeo is too expensive for no-budget non-coders like us.

Thanks lonetour.
I think it is the path I might need to take too. It’s a bit unfortunate as it does break the user experience and flow to have them do that outside of the app, but I guess it is relatively common these days and most people are comfortable with that flow.

Reviving thread. My app (marketplace for videos) would really need both upload and download functionality ASAP. The price gap between Zigggeo and Vimeo is humongous. Any progress on this? I would sponsor if need be but I am sure as video is becoming increasingly important we would be many who wants this.

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Yep, I just want to be able to receive videos (any file transfer would do!) and to serve the final videos for the end user to download. Would be very happy with it integrating with Vimeo, or simply a cloud service!

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