Visibility of conditions for external users

Hey bubble users :slight_smile:
I created a page, where only the user with the right password can access it. I created a Popup, where you have to type in the password and, if you type in the correct password the popup will close and a hidden group will be shown. If you don’t enter the correct password or close the popup you will see an empty page.

The workflow which I’ve created will only be executed, if the password (e.g. “EXAMPLEPASSWORD”) will match to it as you can see in the picture.

So my question is, if anyone can see the condition/value (in this case “EXAMPLEPASSWORD”) for the execution of my workflow for instance by chrome inspect or any other tools? I know that anyone with access to the workflow section can see it, but I only want to know, if someone external can see it?
I would be very happy, if you can help me with that!