Group visible even said not to

Hei, maybe someone could have some ideas or even solutions for whats happening in my groups.

I have group where clicking on Services you get to publish Services & clicking on Project gets you trough the steps of publishing Project.

The problem is in the fallowing screenshot elements.

For project i have done so that when the state is no, its not visible, but doing the same for Services group, it doesnt react even if i did copy paste from my Projects workflows(changed states to be called accordingly.)

Here is the visiblity condition to what my group is not reacting. ;//

The state says that its ‘‘No’’ and still visible ;/


Here is the editor, if someone is interested in having a deeper look:

Did you run step by step? I take a short look and you have a lot of WF running on the same element that may create a conflit on the set state (one seem to set it to yes while the other to no…)
Little bit hard for me to find the correct way to show the group

Thanks for you feedback and time!
It must be the solution, but will keep open, if someone else have some ideas and time

I am in my phone right now, so I can’t see the editor. It may be a silly question… but this element is visible on page load? :sweat_smile:

Hi, thanks for your interest.
But no, its not visible :smiley:


Stupid, but true :smiley:
One step before this screen i have button that have action to show this group.
Then when I click the card it sets state to no, but it will still show, because there was action - show element and no states, just show it and then state with ‘‘no’’ but somehow - show element is stronger than condition. :smiley:

Thank you guys for taking a peek anyways!

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