VPN Blockers for the website

So I have a quick question. Any html i could use or css that could change when a user has a VPN? I want to do this so there is no ALT accounts or hackers trying to intrude or ruin my community.

You can’t block people coming from a VPN (even me I’m using vpn). The solution is to install a cookie that confirmed the identity of the person, and then kick out unwanted intruders…

I found a way to do it with DATA and workflow. It’s simple and works great! But thank you for trying :slight_smile: I will post a tutorial on how to do it soon!

I think it is impossible but you find solution that is great and i am waiting for your tutorial so i will also apply on my websites.

can you please tell where you will share your tutorial.

I will share it here soon. I have it on a old website. Pretty much it takes your IP and saves it as a “STATICIP”. Then theres the “DYNAMICIP” which is where it compares YOUR IP to the DYNAMIC. If its different it blocks you off. Do every 5 seconds “Current User’s DYNAMICIP is not Current User’s STATICIP” it will log the user out. Still figuring it out but don’t copy that top bit. I will release it soon.

thankyou… waiting for tutorial!!!