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App getting blocked by security systems - anything I can do?

Hi there!

We noticed that our app (a networking platform) gets blocked by certain user’s IT systems (presumably when on a company network or VPN) - is this simply a firewall security thing that we have to live with? No page will even load for those people.

It would be interested to know if there’s anything we can do about it, either via app design or through some set-up involving a third party. We’re on a professional plan, currently.



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I’m curious about this too!

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Let’s hope someone will shed a bit of light on it!

I ran into an issue early on where my site was being blocked by a company’s security provider which classifies websites and then allows the IT administrator to block types of sites by category.

If a site has not yet been categorized by the security provider, then it’s marked as “unknown” and would be blocked if the IT administrator has the settings set to block “unknown” sites. I only ran into this once, which made me think it was a timing thing since my site was new and the security provider’s systems hadn’t yet gotten around to classifying my site.

Corporate networks often use an outbound proxy to filter outbound traffic by domain, eg Probably some internal network IT administrator will maintain a list of blocked sites - the users within the corporate network may know who the right person is to contact to get your Bubble site white-listed or not black-listed.

If this is what is happening, then there is nothing you can do in isolation to get your site/domain authorised.

Interesting, thank you @lindsay_knowcode. Sounds like the best way forward would be to get the site white listed in anticipation of an event. We’ll try this out!

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