Wanted :) Bubble developer for online calculator & recommendation engine

Hi there,

my name is Alex and I am searching for a Bubble developer who can support me on building a platform for architects. I want to build a recommendation engine for architects in Germany. Customers should a) get a price indication/range that as a result of 5-20 questions b) a short list of architects that match another few criterias. From the image below you can get an estimate of how it should look like. Since there are more feature wishes for the future (portfolio/catalogue pages, app, etc.), I’d appreciate to discuss technical options in the beginning. Timeline wise I am very flexible.

In case you are curious, feel free to reach out with questions or ping me for a call!

Thanks in advance.


Hi, :wave:t2:

I :raising_hand_man:t2: can help you !

I sent you a PM :smiley:

( Or you can reach me too by email: juancamilovasquezardila@gmail.com )

Dear Mr Alex, hello.
Hope my message finds you well.

SparkDev is a team of experienced developers who can support you witbuilding you platform for architects.

For any additional information please contact me in PM.

Best regards,
Account Manager from SparkDev.