Warning: Suspected Phishing Site Ahead! This link has been flagged as phishing. We suggest you avoid it

What’s going on?


Got the same thing.

Yup same here

These are some pretty catastrophic problems going on today.

Arghhh bubble what is going on!

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my apps

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Same here

Ahhhhh so frustrating

Same here. Not good Bubble!

I thought it was just me…did a weird keystroke and thought I enabled a popup blocker in chrome! Bubble needs to get their shyte together…

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hope they get this sorted out asap. this is devastating

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FWIW, I think it’s only the dev site? my production site seems fine.


Same case here

same. was hoping to launch today. :confused:

Your browser was unable to load the application data. We’ve been notified of the issue. Please try again in a few moments and make sure not to use ad-blockers.

i thought the same. live site just went out now too

it’s cloudflare, not bubble.


I also get the message and I can not login :frowning:

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