[URGENT] AVG and AVAST flagging site as phishing (again)

AVG and AVAST has flagged my site as phishing. All the warnings are to do with Bubble plugins and Bubble hosted cdn files!!

This even effects the bubble editor!

I have submitted a false positive report to AVG and AVAST but they haven’t got back to me.
I think this needs a fix from the bubble end or Bubble’s Cloudflare cdn!

This happened previously:

@josh can you help here please. This is catastrophic for business.


Please note even the bubble editor pages are being flagged!
Not just individual sites and plugins.

Bubble please fix this ASAP.

To anyone else experiencing this, Bubble support have acknowledged the issue but are refusing to attempt to fix it until Monday EST at the earliest!!
Their proper support team only works Mon-Fri

Can we get better support please Bubble, thats clearly not acceptable. @emmanuel @josh


I am experiencing the same - really needed to make some updates today so that is not going to happen


Would highly recommend filing a support ticket or emailing support@bubble.io
If they know its effecting enough people, maybe they’ll take some action.

If this is the same issue that has happened multiple times in the recent past then Bubble really should have learnt from them and have a defined escalation process internally they can get on with immediately, not wait till Monday.

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Also for people with issues with their Live site.
Would highly recommend filing false positive reports with AVG and Avast.

We have seen this post and our engineers are looking into it. Our Status Page at status.bubble.io is updated and we will provide updates through there. These updates will also be visible in a banner across the forums.

Please send a request to support@bubble.io if your app is affected and include a screenshot of the warning you are seeing.

Thank you,
-Payam Azadi, Director of Engineering, Bubble


Great thanks for the update @payam.azadi, really appreciate you guys working on this!

Im getting reports from users about Plugins not loading. Unsure if these are being blocked by the antivirus software or if it’s simply unable to load them from the bubble cdn.

As a side note, whilst I’m extremely appreciative of you working on this now it would be great if bubble could hire some tier 2 engineers to work weekends and/or evenings. Ive had an issue for over 24 hrs now and without the forum, it likely would have stayed like that till Monday. Not great when you’ve scaled your business on Bubble.

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Just wanted to say I’m getting a number of complaints/reports about this as well in my application from users trying to access it. Very frustrating. Hope it gets fixed soon.


Getting this as well! Big issue.



Any idea when a fix is in bound or any progress here?

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Side point: Maybe I’m just old, but it seems like the status page needs some accessibility updates.
Bright yellow background with white text :confounded:


17 hours later :slight_smile:

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Same issue here - several users complaining in Chat support

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@payam.azadi @josh

The fact we haven’t had an update let alone a fix is very disappointing, the issue has been on going for over 24hrs.
It would be much appreciated if we could at least know what’s going on or if there’s anything we can do from outside to get a temporary fix out and resume business as usual.

Hi folks – the update is we’re still investigating to narrow down exactly where this is coming from. We don’t think this affects all Bubble apps (the isolation work we did after the last time we saw similar problems seems to have worked), but we’re guessing a URL referenced by a number of apps (potentially related to a plugin) got tagged by Avast, and is poisoning domains that reference it. We’ve been reporting false positives for all the apps that have been reported to us via bug reports, which has led to resolution for similar issues in the past, and meanwhile are trying to narrow down exactly which URL(s) are causing the original problem


Appreciate the update.

Should we send in a list of plugins we all use so they can be cross referenced, or is that unnecessary.

Confirming that also experiencing users emailing us regarding this since yesterday