Way to pass custom args to Sendgrid for later analysis?

So, many of us are using sendgrid feature -> [New Feature] Using Sendgrid for emails.

Is there a way using this feature to pass in custom arguments to sendgrid?

The use case: I’d like to know the open rate of emails from my production environment. I need to pass an argument that the email is “dev” or “prod”. This will enable me to filter for only prod events. I can imagine many other types of tags that would be informative beyond this one.

Is there a way to achieve this with the out-of-the-box feature or does it require going the Bubble Connector route?


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Hey @kramwe,

Being able to pass some custom data to SendGrid can certainly be beneficial, though the term ‘metadata’ seems to better fit the use! SendGrid does support forwarding custom arguments to them when emails are created and dispatched. If you’re up for using the more customizable Send emails via SendGrid plugin, we should be able to squeeze in custom arguments support into today’s scheduled update. :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Salar!

I took a look at your plugin. I imagine the work you’ve done to support custom variables is similar and a use case others would appreciate as well. ( Also I imagine folks will want to add 5-10 tags )

One question for you first. We’re not using sendgrid templates – we’re not that fancy. If I want to have write a run of the mill email ( no custom %variables / parameterization needed), can I stuff the body of the email into one of the variable fields? How would you handle this using your plugin?

That’s up to you! You can totally use a substitution tag to contain all your content and send it, though you’ll still need to create a template that just has that substitution tag. However, even that will no longer be needed with today’s update which is focused on providing more email options like plain text emails. :slight_smile:

Awesome! Ping me when you’ve made the push and I’ll give it a try.

An update to Send email with Sendgrid plugin is now available to install. There’s now support for Plain-Text Emails, among other things like Custom Arguments and Variables for every email request. Get emailing! :slightly_smiling_face:


Wow, thanks Solar.

I tested the plain-text option. The subject & body box is currently too small (eg. I cannot read what’s been typed) Can you push an update to make the size of these boxes dynamic.

Something similar to the Bubble “send email” action would work.

Definitely a useful idea there, @kramwe.

We would have loved to offer larger text areas, but it’s not an option per Bubble’s plugin development tools. :wink:

Okay. Thanks.

@copilot - Hi. The bubble team pushed an update that enables you to increase the size of the input box. Would you be able to now increase the size of the email body in your Sendgrid plugin “plain-text” actions?

Hey @kramwe,

We’re already updating all of our plugins to accommodate the change! :slightly_smiling_face:

Hello @copilot & @kramwe ,
I can’t find how to pass custom arguments to the plugin SendGrid Plugin | Bubble

When I add custom_data :
{ “items”: [{ “prenom”: “BenjaminRoseauGmail” },{“email_id”:“1645581020304x512202322372707260-26/02/2022-21:18:47”}] }

It’s not working…
And the “email_id” custom data don’t come back in the tracking webhook (as it should from sendgrid : Unique Arguments | Twilio)

Any idea ?