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We built an IoT app in bubble

Hey, we built an IoT app in bubble.

This is also our first forum post as we try to become more engaged with the community. but here goes.

It allows for:

-The displaying real-time sensor data
-The remote control of relays and LED’s
-A bunch of automations based on sensor vales, time and other parameters
-Data storage
-Account management
-Transfer and duplication of devices on different accounts

It’s something we’re pretty proud of, and also want to share it with the community. Unsure of how to yet. But just trying to find out if that’s something ya’ll would want to see.



I’ve been curious if Bubble could build an app that could control a car charger. Look forward to seeing your work.

Yes. I am interested to see your code.

Hello @preelabs, I’m also developing an app in Bubble that will also integrate data from an automation that I have AWS IoT, and I would like to pull the data from there to my Bubble app, but I don’t know how to do that, do you have an API or any tutorial on how to do this?


did you ever share your app - I am vers keen to see it!


HI @preelabs ,

Can’t wait to see your app!