We raised $300k through crowdfunding thanks to this Bubble app

Hi there,

First of all, I want to thank the Bubble team for making the tool I’ve been dreaming of for so long, you are awesome! On the other hand, I also want to thank every contributors of this forum, you helped me so many times, thank you so much!

I am happy to share with you my first Bubble app named OneGoal, it is a new kind of task manager that can help you increase your productivity. It worked with my team and I hope that it will work with you.

Why did I make OneGoal?
I found out that my best way to be productive was to write down my most impactful tasks each morning, and then try to do all of them during the day. I used a dedicated notebook as a task manager and it worked great for me… but my partner and I needed to know who do what and when and this notebook could not be online. After being disappointed by Trello, Asana and some others similar tools, I decided to create a task manager that will focus only on making us productive.

What makes OneGoal different from an other task manager?
OneGoal is based on the daily kaban framework (as my beloved notebook), that means you have one dedicated to-do list for today. This makes it easier to set up and prioritize the list of task you want to do on your first day with OneGoal.
The next day, all of your done tasks will automatically be moved to the yesterday list so you can focus directly on today.

As I said, this app is working great for us but I am sure there are plenty of way to improve it. I would really appreciate your feedback on OneGoal :smile:

Have a beautiful day!


This is great, can you explain a bit more about the 300k? Did you raise 300k for this app development or did thi app help you stay focused on getting 300k?

A bit confused if you could clarify the title. Other than that the product looks good.


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I actually like it. Simple, fast, and efficient. Uncluttered look.

Suggestion: Change the viewing attachment behavior to open in new tab. Currently it takes me to a new page and I lose where I’m at when I go back. I love the look of that tab though.

Thank you for comment, you are right, this title is confusing. Actually, this app helped us stay focused on getting 300k.

We launched Perifit last year on Indiegogo and Kickstarter. I work from Ho Chi Minh and my partner works from Paris, this tool has been useful for our daily meeting in which we review the work from yesterday and the work planned for today.

I’ve just went to your website and it looks good and engaging, nice work :+1:


Wow, thank you very much @gnelson, that’s really nice of you to say so. Thank you even more for your feedback, I will change that behavior!

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@cyriljam cool product, but looks like there could be some data security issues. I’m able to see tasks for others by using the search bar.



Congratulation. Building something thankfully became easier but still i admire your courage and energy for doing it.

It is challanging to raise any amount of capital today, so again -well done!