We Really Need a GET Method for Workflow APIs

+1 also. I’m stuck for implementing the full CloudConvert API because the callback is done as a GET request on the endpoint :

Can you tell us if it on the roadmap or a workaround such as using Amazon API Gateway is necessary with Bubble ?


@nicolas_dap There is no immediate plan for supporting GET request on API workflow endpoints at present but we will keep you posted

Hi @romanmg, how do you like https://pdfgeneratorapi.com/? Are you still using it? If not, have you found something better. It appears to be what I’ve been looking for.

HI @gnelson, I did try it out for a little while to create some basic printouts of RG data. There was some crafting I needed to do to get the data to be sent over to the platform just right, but it was getting to be too cumbersome for the client so in the end, we went with a regular “print page” function :woman_facepalming:

Having said that, it does give you a lot of control over the design of a PDF because you can create templates in their editor and fill it with your dynamic data. This isn’t like a rendering of a Bubble page like SelectPDF, for example.

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Thanks @romanmg for the feedback. I really need something with that level of detail. If you or anyone else knows of something similar that’s easier to configure with Bubble I’d greatly appreciate the pointer.

We need a GET method for workflow APIs. Has anyone said this before?
You can’t even build a proper RSS feed without it.


No I haven’t :wink:



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For the time being you can just use AWS Api Gateway. Make a endpoint using the GET method and integrate it with Bubbles POST request to your workflow. It will take your bubbles post request response and forwarded it as a response of the actual GET request


Right… as I’ve recommended in the past (and ABOVE in this thread if I’m not mistaken).

Anyway, that IS NOT a solution for other related problems. For example (also probably noted above - this is an old thread) you CANNOT build Oembed features in Bubble right now. (One MUST be able to control response codes.)

This would be fairly trivial for Bubble to add and would greatly extend the usefulness of the platform.


Huh? LOL

+1 for this feature to be put on the roadmap


Hi @vladlarin

As an alternative, I use Integromat automation to convert the GET to POST and send to Bubble.


Thank you @JohnMark! Will try this out and let this thread know if this worked for our case!


Hey let me know should you have any queries regarding Integromat! :slight_smile:


This would indeed be handy; but I can also see how such a capability might be “abused” - especially with SSA’s.

Hey @keith & @shawn.chaudhery Have you been able to return header using Gateway API? my return json looks good otherwise but I’m struggling to get the header.

Hey @keith, can you provide more details on how you did the Amazon API gateway setup? I’m trying to convert a GET from Facebook webhook to a POST that Bubble accepts, and struggling a bit with the setup, specifically with defining querystrings.


BTW, we still need this, @team. (Is that the new name for @bubble?)


How can we embedded the invoice template on our app?