Web App - Create Online Test Series absolutely free

Hi Friends
We just launched beta Version of studysixer.com .

Our vision -A free platform to create online test series and provide a tracking platform for students.

We just created few sample test series with different template

Template 1
Sample 1 Start

Sample 2 Start

Template 2
Sample 1 Start

Help us Improve StudySixer
Just reply what you think.

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Congrats on the launch. Do you need help with the responsiveness? Iā€™m available for freelance work.

Hi studysixer,

well done on launching.

have a look at https://gre.magoosh.com/ to improve your design.
I like the blue bar that opens on the right.
Try to have only 3 main colours, e.g. the blue, the green and orange. 5 shades of blue make prioritizing difficult.
And always go for 1 really clear call to action, made clear by largest size/brightest colour; and one secondary call to action, so one is not overwhelmed by the number of buttons.

The first page is very clear in terms of language and amount of text so well done on that.
Now you can add maybe social proof and a nice picture from unsplash.

Functionality wise it is looking good. well done!

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