Web App vs mobile app

Hi there, I just recently signed up with the MVP thinking i could develop a mobile app using the information in the course, however I noticed the classes are about developing web apps and not mobile apps. Is this the case and if so can I please get a refund? Thanks, Al


Which course are you referring to? Are you talking about the internal courses/tutorials Bubble offers?

You can build mobile apps within Bubble, however they will not be native - you can build a web app that uses web view or something that is a hybrid (between the two). If you need something native to develop an MVP, then perhaps look at Thunkable or Dropsource.

You could still use both of the suggested mobile building platforms in conjunction with Bubble to build your own API as well.

When you say refund, did you pay for a plan with Bubble?


Thanks for your response! My fault, I posted here thinking it was the forum for the course I was using from ‘code-free start-up’, when in fact it was merely linked from there. I have emailed the guy who run things over there, hopefully will get a response. It’s pretty crazy in my opinion that ‘app’ can apply to websites as well as mobile applications, very confusing and irritating.

But thanks for your help. Best, Al

Fair enough I suppose ‘App’ does have the reputation and implication of a ‘mobile type app’. But using ‘web app’ as a term can refer to a website application that goes above & beyond the scope basic website and allows for a more diverse and custom type of website build.
I personally think Bubble is a great tool for this, either as a web app or even on the basis of a mobile app, even in its current state, just a bit of a learning curve admittedly.

Ah yes I’m familiar with Code Free (Brent). He is on the forum, but probably the best place to reach him would be directly on his site. In all fairness he does have some solid and detailed courses.