WEB Hook - Api connector

Dear All,

Need help in API integration. I am working on third party integration where web hook is used and header has authorization method
“Basic Base64encodedValueOf(clientid:clientsecret)”

I have selected private key in header Authentication method.
Key Name : Authorization [ how do i enter basic base64encodedvalueof(client id:cleintsecret)

also in api call do i need to enter header again

this is first time connecting with third party integration

To get base64 encoded value, use any online website like https://www.google.com/amp/s/amp.base64decode.org/
Type your client key:client secret and encode it. Use can use this value in your header for Authorization.

To add that to header or not in API call will depend on the API you are using. You can probably try with both settings, one would work, you can follow that approach for this particular API