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🛡 Web3Auth - plugin by NovaBloq

It will be compatible with Solana soon

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Update v.1.1

  • Fixed Torus wallet
  • Self-custodial wallet now works too

Thanks for the update. We can sign transactions, is it possible to send them to the blockchain directly too ? I don’t see the correpsonding action in the plugin

Do you mean “Send Transaction” feature? Usually to send to blockchain you need to interact with some form of smart contract.
FYI: If you will connect with metamask, this plugin can be combined with Web3 & Metamask plugin.

Yes Yes, I mean a “send transaction” feature (as the one that can be found in the Web3 and Metamask plugin" ). Let’s say I want to send a transaction to a smart contract using web3auth (and Google as preferred auth platform), can I do it using your plugin or do I need t use a webjs plugin additionnaly ? And is this Web3 & Metamask plugin compatible with the web3auth web2 login ?
Thanks so much for your help

I will push an update soon that will make it compatible, so you will be able to do any transactions and interactions with smart contract.

Update v.1.2

Now compatible with Web3&Metamask plugin!

Demo page:


Update v.1.4

- Added Dark Mode

- Simplified settings

- Set app logo: will be shown in the connection popup instead of Web3Auth logo

Hi, Thanks for the great plugin.

I wonder how I can sign the user up with this plugin.
Especially I cannot figure out how I should handle the password along with the social login.

I also want to know how I can relate the wallet to let users signup with their wallet. Could you pls advise here?

Use Sign feature, the signature can be used as password :wink:
But make sure the data for signing won’t change, changing any character in it will result in different signature.

Follow this tutorial, it is for web3&metamask plugin but it will work with this plugin aswell