Webflow Frontend, Bubble Backend?

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a marketplace my web developers built with Webflow, but I’m slowly realizing Webflow does not have the backend capabilities in order to automate many of the typical marketplace functions. For example, all orders still have to be fulfilled by me and my sellers aren’t able to login to an account to fulfill orders or even add products.

Although Webflow’s backend for ecommerce is lackluster, their frontend is still one of the best for no code software. That being said, would it be possible if we migrated all of our products and other backend data over to bubble all while keeping our Webflow frontend?

That’s possible by connecting to a Bubble backend via APIs
I don’t think that’s a great idea

Because you now have 2 assets to manage. Not only is it a more complex setup, but you will also have slower performance because of the API connection to the backend which is on a different server.

I’d recommend recreating your Webflow frontend on Bubble and having everything there.

Thanks for the reply!

I definitely see your point of view. So even if we only used Webflow for mainly our landing pages, homepage, and blog, you still would recommend moving everything to Bubble?

Landing pages, home and blog need not be on Bubble. Webflow or Wix are better solutions for those.

I’d recommend migrating the ecommerce part to Bubble (or maybe even Shopify depending on your needs)

If you think I can help with your Bubble app, feel free to get in touch at blurapps.com

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