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AirDev/ switched to WebFlow for landing page, should we follow?

Although always a possibility for front end, airdev / are now on Webflow for delivery of static assets. I’m all for not having to learn another editor / canvas for front end, but clearly business talks!

@mattmazzega @vincent56 @vlad, what would you need to deliver you static assets from Bubble in the future? And most importantly, the switch was only based on static delivery performance?

In my case, I can see the value of delivering thought Webflow, but the cost of learning it is (right now) too high.

Same questions for & @arthur.kieffer

I think learning many solutions is always good for reference. I have used sites like Webflow, Wix, and Squarespace in the past, but I prefer the Bubble engine. Webflow is a great tool, but doesn’t hold a candle to the database capabilities of Bubble.

I think it is all about your needs. If all you need is a splash page, Bubble may be overkill. I personally like keeping my eggs with Bubble. :innocent: We use Webflow only because it’s more powerful than Bubble for animations, and more generally easier and more efficient for displaying static content.

We would never use Weblow for dynamic content and that’s what I think developing good skills in Bubble will lead you further.

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