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Webhook caught, workflow run by Bubble but database didn't change

Bubble succesfully caught Stripe’s subscriptions.deleted webhook and the workflow seems to have run according to logs. See the picture. But the database did not change. The user permission is not set to Free for that user. Any idea where it may be failing?

Hi @kyazogluu :wave:

Did you check if this server log is from your live version?
Did you chek the option to run the workflow ignoring privacy rules?
Can you share your workflow with us?

Did you define the User correctly in the workflow?..

Hi. Here is the info you requested.
Logs are from live, yes.

Everything is good on Stripe’s sent webhook. I tested using another method to see what customer_id coming. It’s coming correct. But Bubble can’t find this customer_id among the users. I checked if it exists, yes it does exist.

It turned out that I needed to click on “Ignore Privacy Rules”
Interesting. If I’m going to ignore privacy rules in a workflow related to payment, then when am I going to not ignore? Bubble doesn’t provide a good documentation about this button.

If you can enlighten me, I’d appreciate.

That is what I tought…

By default, you usually choose to protect your users’ data by adding privacy rules, which prevent others from seeing or changing that data.

The problem is that when Bubble runs some workflow triggered by a POST (acting as a webhook) , there is no user logged in. Therefore, depending on the privacy rules you have placed, Bubble will not be able to make any changes in your database. That is why, in some specific situations, you need to disable the privacy rule.

Thank you. So this should be used whenever user’s data must be hidden. In this case, it was not any user’s data.