Webhook creating database entry in development database when app is live

i have a webhook to shopify to create a new item in my database when a new customer is created on my shopify,

i have deployed my app, however the webhook is still creating the item in the development database - not the live database?

How do i change this?

I can’t edit my backend workflows on my ‘live’ app it tells me to go to development mode to edit

Your Shopify webhook has /version-test/ in the URL

Do i need to change that in shopify or bubble?

Shopify, where you put your Bubble API workflow URL

it worked, thanks!

i thought it wouldn’t because it bubble would still have a /version-test/ so they would not sync or whatever

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Yea if you make a workflow and you push to live, then the one you want to use would be without the version-test/ in it.

Most of these payment processing services have a “sandbox” mode where you can make test purchases and stuff, usually you would put the version-test/ URL in that one so your Shopify sandbox environment can still send webhooks to your test database. :+1: