Webhook for Bubble

I’m very new to Bubble, hence permit this question if I sound green. Does Bubble allow Webhook integration?

I wanted to hire a developer for a project. One of the APIs we wanted to integrate with is accessible through Webhook. The Developer pointed out that Bubble doesn’t work with Webhook apis. He advised that we build some type of code from scratch that can sit between Bubble and the Webhook API.

I’m surprised coming to the Forum now to read through and I can see some posts relating to good usage of Webhook apis on Bubble. So I’m confused.

Does Bubble work with Webhook or is it just RESTFUL APIs? Do we need to build another software that can sit between Bubble and Webhook apis?


Bubble supports normal webhooks since they are just small oneway api’s, it really depends on specs of the webhook. So either post them (or send a pm if it is confidential information) and we can probably say wether it will work and/or provide you with example config to test.

Thanks @gerbertdelangen . This is the API : https://docs.okhi.co/interactions .

I’ll be happy to hear your feedback if this Webhook works with Bubble.


Checkout how you can integrate Stripe webhooks into bubble-

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It seems it is not a special type of webhook, so it should work. Of course no way of knowing wether it works until you actually set it up.

If you dont know how to set up api’s in Bubble, check out Ankurs tutorial in the post above or this one.

The OKCollect API expects the Authorization header to be base64-encoded, for this you can use a plugin, f.i.:

If you try and really run into problems, let me know, I can always have a look.

Thanks a bunch. I will check and revert