Webhook Import Data Using Option Set

Hey there - I am trying to set up a webhook into my app from Zapier to import data from Airtable.

Everything is working well except when I try to import an option set. For example, we have a set of topics that users can select. The options are the same in the Airtable ‘multi-select’ field as they are in a ‘topics’ option set in Bubble.

When I try to import them to Bubble and even set the import data as type ‘topic’, the fields are blank upon import.

Any guidance on how to populate this information?


Hey Jacob, we’re about to do the same, so will update any progress here

@jacob.b.singer or @MattDot - any luck with this? Looking to do something similar. Thanks!

Yeah, the only way to do it is to a filter to find the option set display that matches the text value from the api.

It does work, but it just seems convoluted