Webhook to Reactivate Postmark Email

I use Postmark for my email/newsletter. When you send a Broadcast type email like a newsletter you have to include the unsubscribe. I have a webhook so if a user unsubscribes through this method it will update their subscription in my app. This works great.

If that person later decides to resubscribe to the newsletter and marks to recieve the newsletter in the app how do I send the information to Postmark to Reactivate that email?

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from Subscription change webhook | Postmark Developer Documentation

An email address is removed from the suppression list manually by choosing an address to reactivate in Postmark’s UI or using the API.

So you should be able to send a request following Suppressions API | Postmark Developer Documentation

You can set it up with the API connector. Any time that you want to subscribe again an user you send this request

Thank you for your help. I’m trying to work my way through this, but not sure I understand what I’m doing.

So I went to the Plugin “API Connector”

Created a new API called “Remove Suppression”. Not sure what I should select for “Use As”, but currently on “Data”.

I tried adding in the Header, but all the text is red. It looks like this is for a list, but I only need to do one at a time. Do I include the “Curl” when I copy paste it? I feel like I’m not doing this correctly since there is only Header section in the API plugging, but on the page you sent has a Request Headers, Body Format, and Response? Do I copy all those into the Header?

This is a basic api call, two static header and a json body that you can copy paste and modify to have the single dynamic data you need.
You may want to use it as an action instead of data.
For the body just copy the one in the docs and remove two objects from the array of you want to use one email at a time.

If you don’t feel comfortable with the api connector you can take a look at this tutorial.

If you still have problems try including screenshot of the setup you tried and the error you get (just cover sensible informations like the token)

OK, I think I have it setup properly, but it did not do anything. In the Bubble System Log it showed no errors, and that it ran as expected, but on Postmark it did not remove the Suppression for a Hard Bounce.

I’m not sure how to get responses from Postmark on this, or if there is a log to see incoming API connections. Looking at the Webhook options I’m not sure i see any that would apply to error messages from an API call.

Any ideas?

if tou include screenshots of the serup and screenshots of the response when you test the call in the api connector I can help you better.
Without informations I can only say that you should check the response of the test call and see if it is like the sample response of the docs.

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