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How to Create a Webhook to Trigger a Page Based Workflow Event (not an API Workflow)

Hey folks…

I’m implementing Stripe Checkout in my app. Once the user has paid, my page needs to sit and wait for an incoming webhook from Stripe.

How do I build the webhook api so it is then available as an event trigger on the page?

Best wishes,

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Create an api workflow to receive data

Yes… so I can do that, have it write some data to the database and have my workflow trigger on the change of that data…

… but I was hoping there is a way within a plugin to just have the webhook create an event I can then detect directly on the page without needing to go through the database!

This is not a plugin.
Api Workflow is a native function of Bubble.
You don’t need a workflow to trigger on change of data. When the webhook will come in Bubble, this will trigger a workflow. Do what you need.
However, I think you should store information in DB like the status of the payment.

Hi there @Jici… thanks for your reply… but I need a workflow to trigger on the page, to show and hide information etc, and an API workflow doesn’t do that! :slight_smile:

You can use Conditionnal for that
Example: If current page payment “status” is “Paid” Set this group to Visible.

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